I wonder what shop names there have been in Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead?

After WW II, and prior to the coming of the new town,

Here's some:

  • Northwards from The Plough 
  • Large house on corner of Wood Lane (now St. Albans Road)
  • House, Mr. Jarman’s (agent for Prudential)
  • House, Humphreys
  • Railway bridge
  • Jack Harris, Barber
  • Smiths, picture framers and furniture restorers
  • Garments, grocers and off-licence
  • Entrance to rear of shops
  • Dan Fortnum, butcher with slaughterhouse at rear
  • Moorcrofts, greengrocer (Joe Edmunds)
  • Hemmings, toy shop
  • Moores, shoe shop
  • Row of six houses
  • Greig, furniture shop and house. Later two shops in front,Walters and Tailor
  • Bakers, main shop at bottom of Puller Road, Boxmoor
  • Miss Monk, employment agency and corsetry
  • Painters, wood shop
  • Mayhews, radio shop
  • Cannons, clothes shop
  • Beckleys–Johnsons, grocers shop
  • Cannon, later Hukes junk shop
  • Frith, radio shop
  • Smiths–Bowlers, fish shop
  • Charlesworth, chemists shop
  • Rowdens, used by Aloysius College during World War II; then became Henderson's, department store
  • Half Way House, public house
  • Bevan, cycle shop
  • Head, sweet shop
  • Grange, butchers; later Charmans from Boxmoor
  • Vineys, paper shop and sub-Post Office
  • Albion Hill
  • Kitcheners
  • Greig, butchers
  • House, A.J. Adams solicitor
  • Buckles, grocers
  • Littler, sweet shop; later Bennetts
  • Maud Kershaw, hat shop
  • House
  • House
  • Footpath to Maynard Road
  • Sketchley, cleaners
  • Attwoods, cycles
  • Joan Harbourn, baby clothes
  • Café
  • Sweet shop
  • Goodrich, hardware shop
  • Villas up to Hillfield Road (known locally as “Hospital Lane”)


  • Northwards from The Plough 
  • Misses Sells, sweet shop
  • Plough, public house
  • Grocer, Charlie Sheffield
  • Several cottages, known locally as Bug Row 
  • Railway bridge
  • Woodman Bros, general builders’ merchants 
  • Mill Stream Café, Horace Mayle
  • Several cottages
  • Wagon & Horses, public house
  • Stonemason, Albert Smith
  • Davis & Bailey, ironmongers
  • Yard
  • Tozers, coal office
  • Tozers, record and radio shop (later a “British Restaurant”) 
  • Three cottages
  • Cossars, greengrocers
  • Entrance to Keens Yard
  • Keens, butchers and slaughterhouse
  • Solicitors/Accountants?
  • Jewellers?
  • Ramshaw & Berwick, sweetshop
  • Horace Neal, hairdresser
  • Mr. Masters, tailor
  • Entrance to George Ausden rag and bone yard at rear
  • Entrance to Keen’s Yard (League Square)
  • Humphreys, corn and seed merchant
  • Wadkins house
  • Wadkins, bakers
  • House?
  • Potters, greengrocers
  • Joe Bevan, cycle repairs
  • Junkshop
  • Chocolate Box
  • Davis & Bailey, iron foundry
  • Henry VIII, public house
  • House
  • Flower Box, florist
  • Gordon Phillips, gents outfitters
  • Maud Kershaw, dress shop
  • Cameron, gents tailor
  • Neales, hairdressers
  • Cakebread, grocers
  • House
  • Glenisters, builders merchants
  • Luxor Cinema
  • Saunders Garage
  • Bridge Street
  • Attwoods Cycles
  • Bethel Church
  • Shoe Repair shop (Mr. Price)
  • Dixons, sweet shop (Beth Marks)
  • Salvation Army
  • Post Office
  • Gas Showrooms
  • Selden Builders
  • Horn’s the undertakers
  • Co-op
  • Electricity Showrooms
  • Princess Cinema
  • Red Tiles, tea shop
  • Gurton, grocers
  • Bean, gents outfitters
  • P.J. Cook, gents outfitters
  • Bath Street
  • Public Baths

What Do you know About This?

Looking north towards the 'old town', the tallest building was Henderson's department store as mentioned above. This shows the shops from about Painters, wood shop to Friths radio shop as mentioned in John's excellent post. Cannons was probably the one with the fluting above the sun canopy. The sun blinds would be pulled out using a long wooden pole with a metal hook at the end.

What About This?

"The first shop on the left was a bakers on the corner of Albion Hill, named Hemeldonia. The one next to that was Vineys . That was 1945."
"The tallest building on the right hand end of the photograph Henderson's, we can then name the other shops from the previous list of the East Side of Marlowes.


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